Bands & Muscians

Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra
a musical insurrection of polyrhythmic beats & furious lyrics

punk rock band from Glenshaw, Pennsylvania.

Billy Bragg
musician from the UK.

anarcho peace punk from the UK

A leftist band from Malta. Rebellious dub-reggae-in-punk-hiphop-tempo

Gil Scott Heron
African-American musician & poet.

The (International) Noise Conspiracy

Ennio Marricone
Italian Composer

Norm Rejection
a leftist metal band from Malta

Radical hip hop from San Francisco, CA. Biting social & political commentary.

punkish-metal band from Manitoba, Canada

Public Enemy
The founders of politically radical hip hop.

Rage Against the Machine
Politically radical hip hop-metal-punk.


Anarcho Punk Federation

Epitaph Record's Charities Project
An annual charitable donation program that represents the values of both Epitaph and its fans, the ones who support the label. The organization donates $50,000 annually divided between three organizations chosen by the fans.

Punk Voter
An organized grassroots coalition of punk bands, musicians, record labels, and fans seeking to educate, register and mobilize progressive voters.

Take Action!
An outgrowth of Sub City Records, Take Action has teamed up with the Warped Tour to create a Take Action! area that features a variety of support and community outreach for non-profits and includes literature, outspoken bands, petitions, voter registration etc. "Creating a better world, one voice and one action at a time.”

Record Labels

Alternative Tentacles
punk rock, politics, & spoken word

Dischord Records
DIY punk rock

The record label of Bad Religion, Refused, Error, The Joykiller, and others. Since 2000 the label has taken a more leftist political stance, supporting progressive organizations and starting their own Charities Project (see link above).

G7 Welcoming Committee
an activist record label striving for change

Guerrilla Funk Records
Hip hop artist Paris' record label. Includes news & commentary

Protest Records
Protest Records "exists for musicians, poets and artists to express LOVE + LIBERTY in the face of greed, sexism, racism, hate-crime and war."

Sub City Records
Record label of Against All Authority, Scared Of Chaka, Fifteen, Thrice, The Weakerthans. "Sub City aims to have impact that goes beyond music."

Music Archives

Progressive Music Archive
MP3 archive dedicated to political music

Protest Records' MP3 Archive
Protest Records "exists for musicians, poets and artists to express LOVE + LIBERTY in the face of greed, sexism, racism, hate-crime and war."

Info on Music & Politics

Rock & Rap Confidential 
Music and politics newsletter

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